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New SAILOR PRO GEAR Silver Accent 21K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen

New SAILOR PRO GEAR Silver Accent 21K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen
New SAILOR PRO GEAR Silver Accent 21K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen
New SAILOR PRO GEAR Silver Accent 21K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen
New SAILOR PRO GEAR Silver Accent 21K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen
New SAILOR PRO GEAR Silver Accent 21K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen
New SAILOR PRO GEAR Silver Accent 21K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen
New SAILOR PRO GEAR Silver Accent 21K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen

New SAILOR PRO GEAR Silver Accent 21K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen
New SAILOR PRO GEAR Silver Accent 21K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen. Sailor 1911 Profit Limited PRO GEAR Black. 21K Gold M Medium Nib Fountain Pen. MY RECOMMENDATION FOR THE COLLECTORS. Actual Nib Size: Nib size is M (Medium).

The Sailor Pro Gear improves upon the original Pro Gear series with an elongated barrel, flat top cap, and a new pocket clip the first the company has introduced in decades. Lightweight for its size with an ergonomic grip, the polished black resin body has a screw-on cap whose double band reads Sailor Japan, founded 1911.

For the ultra-smooth writing experience Sailor has built its name on, the Pro Gear II is equipped with the same 21-karat gold nib used in the 1911 seriesthis time with a two-tone treatment. The dominant color on the nib will depend on the trim you choose. The matching clip features a stylized gold anchor, and slides comfortably and securely into your pocket. This pen is absolutely stunning! What distinguishes this particular model is the decoration.

A study in stealth and sophistication, the new Sailor Pro Gear (originally introduced as the Professional Gear) Black with Rhodium trim fountain pen offers a distinctly 21st century take on a classic pen style. This is a pen equally at home in the board room, an artist's studio, or around the house. The smooth glossy finish is accented by the rhodium-plated rings, clip, and cap band. As always, Sailor's smooth-writing 21k nibs make this a pen with writing qualities equal to its appearance. So when Sailor announced cosmos model in KOPs, I went big.

I went way out of my wheelhouse and bought my first King of Pens model. At the time, the cosmos model with other two edition had just been announced as the second in this special edition series in addition to the original model, but wasnt available yet. But the quest of finding the cosmos led me to find a greater pen.

I was already hooked and i research about the model since it is not available in Sailor Catalog. It appeared in the newspaper that on memorial day of the people who passed away in Nagasaki & Hiroshima, the prime minister visited the place and presented this model made my sailor to the people who still lives and the families who was victim to commemorate the loss and to honor their sacrifice. I liked the visual of the art when I first saw it, but it was a little too emotional for me to commit to keep the pen but i want to give to the person who respects the humanity and have respect for the people who sacrificed their lives to sustain the world peace. Nib Size: Nib size is M (Medium).

What makes it so great? I think Sailors Professional Gear shape and size is one of the best all-around fountain pen models on the market.

It is the perfect combination of weight, balance, quality, and choice for nearly anyone. One of the two I own is always finds it way into my rotation.

A lot of Sailor pens are cigar-shaped with black or colored resin barrels and gold or rhodium trim, but the Pro Gear Line switches that up a little with flattened ends. I'm a fan of this design as it breaks up the monotony of the standard cigar-shaped, black-and-gold-trimmed pen. This particular pen is limited edition purple color with rhodium (silver-colored) trim. Paired with the flattened ends, I think this combination makes for a slightly more modern presentation while still being subtle enough for even the most conservative boardroom. I like the ring around the cap band because its probably the only thing that kind of stands out when the pen is capped. I like the font they used to engrave SAILOR Japan Founded 1911. The engraving is crisp and looks really good. The clips design is also simple and nondescript, but I dont like that its not so springy. Its hard to slip anything under it. I certainly wont be able to clip it on my pen cases. When you uncap the pen, youll be greeted with this pretty little thing. Well, without the ink coating it, of course. This Pen has a 21kt dual tone nib in a hard fashion. It has a single slit, a round breather hole, and is engraved with: 1911, 21K, 875, Sailor nib size on the side, the Sailor anchor, and in a rhodium-plated strip, some flourishes.

The nib looks thin and long, which is pretty, and I do prefer Sailor's two tone nibs to their single tone nibs, which are more common. Not surprisingly, the nib is a solid performer. The nib has consistent ink flow - with normal writing, there are no skips and hard starts. Sailor nibs are not typically scratchy, and this one is not, but they do offer some feedback. Personally, I like this feeling, and it's different than a super smooth'buttery' nib.

It's a surprisingly wet writer, but not a gusher. The nib writes more like a Western finer version as it is Japanese nib, and it is on the firm side, although it is not as rigid as I thought it would be. With regular writing and no pressure, the nib and feed keep up easily with long writing sessions and fast writing. With some pressure, the nib does offer a little bit of line variation. Drying times are on the fast side, given the wetness and width of the nib. I found the feed dries out a little when I used some pressure, but of course, that's not what it is designed for. WHY SO EXPENSIVE & HARD TO FIND.

This model is as a regular edition and recently only available in order made reservation only, because Sailor always cannot meet the demand over production, which explains why they are so highly valued in the west. Even in Japan they are difficult to find since Sailor does not make them in large quantities. But they are such tough pens, the ones that do turn up are usually still in great condition. I really like how the Sailor feels in hand.

The Large offers a wider diameter, added weight, and a slight increase in length. Even though its not much larger, the difference really matters. It makes the pen feel more luxury. Its comfortably sized for my large hands.

Its comfortable to hold, even for longer writing sessions. The balance of the pen is towards the middle. The step from the threads to the grip is extremely minimal.

No matter what your grip is, this pen should be comfortable for everyone. Please check the pictures for details. Cartridge / Converter (Only cartridge attached). Pen Wing Stationary company in Japan. We are an online stationery store for people in pursuit of the perfect pen.

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  • Brand: Sailor
  • Material: Resin
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  • Pen Type: Fountain
  • Model: Sailor Limited Edition Progear Black Silver
  • Model Name: 1911 Professional Gear size PMMA Resin
  • MPN: 11-2037-220
  • Related Models: Sailor Special Edition Limited Pen

New SAILOR PRO GEAR Silver Accent 21K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen