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SAILOR KOP Ebonite 1911 Profit Large Black 21K Gold NAGINATA TOGI M Fountain Pen

SAILOR KOP Ebonite 1911 Profit Large Black 21K Gold NAGINATA TOGI M Fountain Pen
SAILOR KOP Ebonite 1911 Profit Large Black 21K Gold NAGINATA TOGI M Fountain Pen
SAILOR KOP Ebonite 1911 Profit Large Black 21K Gold NAGINATA TOGI M Fountain Pen
SAILOR KOP Ebonite 1911 Profit Large Black 21K Gold NAGINATA TOGI M Fountain Pen

SAILOR KOP Ebonite 1911 Profit Large Black 21K Gold NAGINATA TOGI M Fountain Pen

Feel free to compare the price all over internet. We guarantee this is the best deal ever. King of Pen or also known as KOP is one of the most elegant and luxurious fountain pen edition of Sailor.

The'King of Pens' is introduced as the top of the range, developed as the symbol of Sailors technology, quality and writing perfection gained with experience about 100 years. The size of King of Pen is a little similar to the Montblanc 149 or Pelikan M1000. The pen is believed to fit with larger hands.

Special attention has been given to the oversized 21K solid gold nib (the life and soul of the fountain pen), which gives top writing quality. Sailor KOP: Large Ebonite Edition.

The whole body is polished with handcrafted Ebonite material, giving a glossy look. Ebonite, a special naturally produced resin material requiring special production processes. Ebonite material is very warm to the touch and its rich elasticity and unique texture provides quality and character to the product.

This large size 1911 Profit is perfect for those to want to try to big pen such as Montblanc 149 or Pelikan M1000. Special Gift Box with ink, converter, cartridges and cleaning cloth included. Ink Flow & Naginata Togi Strokes. One special point for Sailor nib is that, the more you write, the smoother the pen becomes. So we have one TIP for you: please ink up and try to draft for a while until you get used to it, at that time you will see the ink will flow constantly and smoothly as you expected. Naginata Togi nib is available in three variations: Medium Fine, Medium and Broad and each of them delivers different tipping size. Widest Down-Stroke: 0.4mm; Widest Cross-Stroke: 0.6mm. Widest Down-Stroke: 0.55mm; Widest Cross-Stroke: 0.65mm.

Widest Down-Stroke: 0.6mm; Widest Cross-Stroke: 0.8mm. Function and Design: Same special Materiel used as. Pilot Bexley Delta Nakaya and Platinum Fountain Pen.

There are a thousand models of fountain pens in the market and sometimes it may make you confused to sort out the most suitable one. Yet, we have compared among many models and found out the best information for your reference. Spending on this pen is worth every penny so please order with confidence.

This fountain pen has the same. And Platinum Izumo Ebonite Fountain pen.

All of these models are very limited and hard to find. You are going to win the same pen as one of these with the best price ever! Bexley Ebonite 56 Special Edition. Collection: King of Pens Ebonite.

Body Material: Ebonite PMMA Resin. Nib Material: 21K Gold Naginata Togi.

Nib Size: Naginata Togi NM (Medium). Refill Mechanism: Converter, Proprietary Cartridge.

Compatible Inks & Refills: Ink Bottle and Proprietary Cartridge. Included Accessories: Gift Box and Cartridge. Diameter - Max: 20 mm. Length (Closed): 153.5 mm.

Our mission is to deliver the best writing instruments and the most satisfactory writing experience ever. SAILOR KOP Ebonite 1911 Profit Large Black 21K Gold NAGINATA TOGI M Fountain Pen. Take a look at our other products! PILOT NAMIKI Custom URUSHI 18K Gold Nib Ebonite Black Fountain Pen.

Sailor Limited Edition Saijiki Professional Gear Slim 14kt Nib - Blue Ocean. SAILOR Limited Edition Professional Gear Slim Demonstrator 14kt - Hawaiian Ripe. Sailor Limited Edition Saijiki Collection Professional Gear Slim 14K - Aomidori. SAILOR Standard Fountain Pen Ink Converter - Gold. PILOT NAMIKI JAPAN Fountain Pen Ink Converter CON-40.

PILOT NAMIKI JAPAN Fountain Pen Ink Converter CON-70. PLATINUM JAPAN Fountain Pen Ink Converter CON-500. PenSachi - Writing The Happiness. Your pen can bring you happiness and we are here to bring you that pen. All of us at PenSachi love to make you happy by delivering to you the best writing instruments and the most satisfactory writing experience ever. It is all about passion, experiences and love when talking about our journey to build up PenSachi.

I would love to tell you my story about writing which led us to the idea of making PenSachi today. You might share with me same experiences that I have been through. I have come to know about writing and love it as an interest, a hobby, a passion, a dream and now it's my whole life journey.

My ever dream is that I could start a business which would make people experience, enjoy and be happy. With my journey to many countries in the world, I was so luck to become friends with people who also share with me the same interest and passion in writing instruments.

They have come all the way to Japan and started this new journey with me. After a year of hard work on preparation, we would like to officially announce the foundation of PenSachi company. And this is how I met them and final made PenSachi.

With an inherited interest: - Routine and Curiosity. Until PenSachi is finally made, it is a long journey to the West and the East of an amateur freelance writer with a passionate interest in handwriting. I fortunately inherited this interest from my grandfather who used to be a practitioner of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy which many of young Japanese nowadays might rarely now about. With a hobby of a collector: - Experience and Joy and Friendship. I still kept the hobby of writing and collecting fountain pens even after I moved to the West for study in 2000.

I found out how lucky I was to be in Japan as it was not that hard to get a fountain pen or brush pen for calligraphy compared to here in Europe. However, it was such a destiny as I could meet and become friends with those people who also share the same interest in writing instruments. It was somehow different in the way we think and practice calligraphy because of national identity but it then became more amazing as while sharing Japanese cultures I could also learn new things too.

As a business man: - Career and Dream and Passion. After graduation, I came back to Japan and worked for a company which actually has no relation to my hobby but it never stopped my interest in writing and calligraphy. If writing from a pen collectors perspective is something of habit, joy and experience, for a business man, it is also about manner, career and dream. However, they have one thing in common - PASSION. As long as we have the same passion, we are all connected. As a dreamer/ companion / sympathizer. Far to the Northwest of Vietnam, for many children in Mai Chau or Sa pa, owning a good pen can make them more than happy. Or for many elder-lies in remote villages of China, having a good brush pen to practice calligraphy becomes such a fancy wish of their whole life. It might be so easy for of us to have writing as a daily hobby but for many others it is a dream and it might bring us a joy but to many other its an absolute happiness. A pen symbolizes imagination, creativity and passion.

FREE to ASK: Yes, you are all free to ask us 24/24 through any channel. We will be happy to receive your contact and definitely help you out at our best. We directly obtained them from manufacturers with original parts and accessories. We make sure that you will be happy receiving your item in original package with the best and authentic quality.

This is a special policy that you can only have with PenSachi. It is provided in product technical specifications.

We will help you to send your item(s) to the maker for a repair or replacement. At PenSachi we guarantee that all products are 100% authentic quality goods. It is unfortunate that you want to return the item for any reason.

For a pen, it is considered as used if the ink has run through any part of the pen, the included cartridge, converter or piston filler is not intact and touches ink, also all tags and accessories are intact and not removed. For replacement, since a replacement might not be available in stock at that moment, after checking we will let you know whether you can have the same item or there are other options for you to choose. Return item model number or name 4.

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  • Pen Type: Fountain
  • Brand: Sailor
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  • MPN other: 11-7806-420 117806420 Made in Japan Japanese Pens Point
  • Related models: 11-7002-620
  • Features 1: Black KOP 1911 Profit Large King of Pens Large Size Full Size
  • Features 2: Naginata Togi M Medium Nib 21K GOLD Karat Kt
  • Functions Similarity: Does not apply
  • Designs Similarity: Pilot Bexley Delta Nakaya and Platinum
  • Other Specs: Limited Rare Brand New Collectible Classic Vintage

SAILOR KOP Ebonite 1911 Profit Large Black 21K Gold NAGINATA TOGI M Fountain Pen